When I first picked up a camera 3200 iso was the most you would get out of film and the grain would be the size of a house especially if you pushed it to 6400!

Now with digital we can go further than that and since the majority of the pictures we take are for web usage you can get away with a lot.

Said this progress has allowed us to take pictures which were not possible without a tripod.

Last night I took my daughter to see Vivid and I decided to put my Fuji x100F to the test at high ISO. (read the latest review here)

That was the result. Handheld and shot at 1/6sec f/2

Now the quality of the internet wont let you see the real result but trust me when I say it looks very nice for a picture shot at 10,000 iso !!!!!

I have said this before, this camera is a great street/travel camera and the quality is simply fantastic. Apparently it has the same sensor as the Fuji X-Pro2 and that says a lot !

Enjoy and maybe think about this purchase before the end of the financial year….(just saying!)