Go travel

Travel is an education that never ends. You do not have degrees or certificates to vouch for your time away but what you do have is experience over the years of traveling. You are rich with what you have learned on your own and from the experience of others. No one can teach you how to travel. Just do it. Internationally or in your own country. Go explore!

Travel tip 1: Make a list of places or things you would like to do.

Travel tip 2: Do not overbook with a tight itinerary, be flexible.

Travel tip 3: Do online booking and get best deals but careful about restrictions and changes.

Travel tip 4: Do not be scared of locals as they can show you ‘the real’ side of where you are visiting and make for long lasting friends.

Travel tip 5: Be Ready For Disappointments – aka: shit happens (cancellations, weather, sickness…)

Travel tip 6: Do not underestimate costs. It is easy to get lost with all the conversion rates and hidden costs.

Travel tip 7: Pack light. You will thank me for this tip when you find yourself walking in the middle of the night because public transportation to your hotel has ended…

Travel tip 8: Do not go on a Shopping spree and spend too much.

Travel tip 9: Get a medical check-up done before you leave your home country and get necessary vaccinations.

Travel tip 10: Get travel insurance. Don’t leave home without it !!! NEVER

Travel tip 11: Carry a first-aid kit and essential medicines. (at midnight when you are sitting on the toilet bowl you cannot get up and go to a pharmacy.)

Travel tip 12: Always keep yourself hydrated

Travel tip 13: Maintain at the least a minimum fitness regimen especially if you are going places that require walking or hiking.

Travel tip 14: Indulge in sun chasing. Best time of the day for pictures and sunsets are the best time for a drink while enjoying it all.

Travel tip 15: Keep everything important in your backpack

Travel tip 16: Carry a good camera. DLSR can be heavy at the end of the day. Mirrorless or compact cameras are the way to go unless you are a professional or your goal is to take pictures.

Travel tip 17: Take as many pictures as you can. There is a good chance  you will never go back to some places. A couple of extra shots to be sure you have the picture you want wont kill you!

Travel tip 18: Learn few basic words of the local language of the country you are visiting. It is also seen as a sign of respect or trying to blend in.

Travel tip 19: Keep a hard copy of the address of your accommodation before you arrive. Also carry a copy of your passport in a different spot in case you lose it. A consulate or embassy will accept it.

Travel tip 20: Avoid currency exchange at airports. Get organized and change money before you leave.

Travel tip 21: Slow travel to get an immersive experience. Time is money but it is also priceless. Take your time to enjoy the trip.

Travel tip 22: Keep a journal. It is fun years down the track to read it again and see what you remember.

Travel tip 23: Get up early! There is plenty happening early in the morning. Great light for pictures too. You will sleep when you get home. Don’t be lazy.

Travel tip 24: Visit local markets. Those are the real places where everyday life happens.

Travel tip 25: Always charge all your devices whenever you get a chance. You never know when the next power point will be and it may not work.

Travel tip 26: Inform your credit card company about your travels.

Travel tip 27: International driving license.

Travel tip 28: Travel alone or with friends, but do it.

Travel tip 29: Must have gadgets while traveling. Camera, sunglasses, adaptor plugs, ipad, sunscreen, etc…

Travel tip 30: Do not let jet lag slow you down. Everyone hate jet lag. Have a coffee! (That is the only time of the year I have coffee….)

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