Pakistan is safe !

How safe is it to travel to Pakistan?

After 9/11 people have forgotten that Pakistan was the second most popular destinations for mountain climbers in the world as it is the only country in the world to have 4 peaks above 8000 meters. Main stream media has not been focused on the light side of Pakistan’s moon but instilled fear into the public’s perception of this beautiful country.

It didn’t put me off – and I’ve enjoyed a very different experience over the years to that portrayed in the media: one of warm hospitality and people eager to embrace foreigners visiting their majestic land.
I have been asked many times by the locals “Are you enjoying your trip? If so, please tell your friends to visit” and I am now doing just that.
I have traveled to Pakistan nearly each year since 2008 and I am now taking others along for the ride.
Over the 10 days, we obviously avoid potential ‘hot’ zones and will be accompanied by my local friends. I have opened up an invitation to a very small group of under 6 people to come with me this October which allows us to get deep into the culture and snap away while I coach you to improve your shots no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer.

It is going to be amazing and some locations are still untouched by international tourism!

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