Christina and Mario Conti - Sydney
ph. Andrea Francolini

Wedding photography, I do

Do you shoot wedding? Yes I do till death do us apart !   Wedding photography is one of those topics in the photographic fraternity which divides everyone on many fronts. Now that the wedding season is approaching many of us will start talking about it. Either you like it or you dont. Personally I […]

TRAVEL - Pakistan - 06-25/09/2013
ph. Andrea Francolini
Community School, Shitindas (Gilgit-Baltistan)
Khizra, 5yrs old is the first student to receive a 5 year sponsorship to attend class from grade 1 to 5.

ABC coverage

Award-winning Sydney photographer helps Pakistani girls stay in school Australia Plus By Lisa Clarke Posted about an hour ago Photo: Photographer Andrea Francolini with Khizra in her home in Shitindas, Pakistan. (Andrea Francolini) Map: Pakistan For someone who doesn’t consider themselves a portrait specialist, Andrea Francolini is making quite an impression in the field. The […]

SULEMAN from Chaprote
polo player

Which lens to use

Over the years you will have often heard of people talk about ‘portrait lenses’. we are often lead to believe that a 50mm, 85mm or 135mm are considered to be portrait lenses. Says who? I believe that it all depends what message you want to send to the viewer. Personally I take the majority of […]

TRAVEL - Pakistan - 06-25/09/2013
ph. Andrea Francolini
Community School, Shitindas (Gilgit-Baltistan)
Khizra, 5yrs old is the first student to receive a 5 year sponsorship to attend class from grade 1 to 5.


Great news from New York where my series on Pakistani girl Khizra has won 3rd prize at the 2017 International Photography Awards Khizra has received the first scholarship from Australian charity My First School Pakistan to attend class for 5yrs when I first met her in 2013. Now she is the first in her class! […]

Grand Jamia Mosque Lahore is a mosque located in Bahria Town, Lahore, Pakistan. With a capacity of 70,000 worshiper's, It is the third largest mosque in Pakistan and the seventh largest mosque in the world
ph. Andrea Francolini

Tourism in Pakistan

From Finally tourism is opening up in Pakistan and it is well worth a visit on many fronts After a bone-jarring mountain journey, Alan Cameron surveys the snow-capped peaks of Pakistan’s north near the Saiful Maluk lake. “It’s beautiful — well worth the effort,” said the 34-year-old Canadian holidaying in a country better known […]

SAILING - Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2017
23/8/2016 - Hamilton Island, Queensland
ph. Andrea Francolini
Yacht Club

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Real Estate aerial photography

I do enjoy taking real estate photos especially if the property is a nice one. I have shot many interiors of boats in my life time but when I can shoot a house or bigger structure I always find it a challenge. As usual when you take a picture in an uncontrolled environment like I […]

Who will be the next ambassador?

Audi Ambassador portraits

I started taking portraits for fun and people enjoy them. My series Eye2Eye is becoming more and more popular and i am finding that people are also starting to ask me to take portraits professionally (being paid). During the 2017 Audi Hamilton Island Race week the client was celebrating their 20th anniversary of their ambassador […]

SAILING - Airlie Beach Race Week 2017
Airlie Beach, Queensland
ph. Andrea Francolini

Queensland regattas

The Australian sailing calendar is in full swing in Queensland. I am lucky to be the photographer for all 3 events this year again Airlie beach race week (my 7th since 2001) Audi Hamilton island race week (my 17th since 2001 !!!) and Sealink Magnetic island race week (my 2nd year).   The great part […]

Violent pictures

I am not a war photographer and never will be. I do admire the talent and images that often come from war zones regardless of how disturbing they may be. Personally I am a bit immune to violet pictures. They touch me but don’t disturb me. Is this a good thing or a bad one? […]


National Geographic photo competition

The thing I find most fascinating about traveling is that no one can teach you how to do it and we all come back having experience different things. I once remember walking with a friend. We were in Sydney and I had my camera around my neck (as usual). It was a casual walk and […]