SAILING - Airlie Beach Race Week 2017
Airlie Beach, Queensland
ph. Andrea Francolini

Queensland regattas

The Australian sailing calendar is in full swing in Queensland. I am lucky to be the photographer for all 3 events this year again Airlie beach race week (my 7th since 2001) Audi Hamilton island race week (my 17th since 2001 !!!) and Sealink Magnetic island race week (my 2nd year).   The great part […]

Violent pictures

I am not a war photographer and never will be. I do admire the talent and images that often come from war zones regardless of how disturbing they may be. Personally I am a bit immune to violet pictures. They touch me but don’t disturb me. Is this a good thing or a bad one? […]


National Geographic photo competition

The thing I find most fascinating about traveling is that no one can teach you how to do it and we all come back having experience different things. I once remember walking with a friend. We were in Sydney and I had my camera around my neck (as usual). It was a casual walk and […]


Eye2Eye goes big

A while back I was commissioned to shoot a series of portraits for Audi Australia. The brief was to give the service center a human side to it rather than just ‘drop off your car and pay the bill’. When I walked into the meeting the client had their idea in mind on how this […]

SAILING - Black Jack 100 on the truck
ph. Andrea Francolini/Black Jack

Black Jack 100

Over the years we have been used to seeing boat go under the knife to get a face lift, bum lift or nose job. Recently Australian super maxi Wild Oats XI has undergone quite a lot of changes. The incredible part is that a high performance maxi yacht like that can support radical changes and […]

Ara Guler

Repost This man is a legend! Ara G├╝ler is one of the seven greatest photographers of the world. The legendary Magnum photojournalist captured the heart and soul of Istanbul with his black and white photography in 1950’s, worked with names like Dali, Sophia Loren. He’s labelled as The Eye of Istanbul. The documentary by the […]


Italian photographer Francesco Zizola, founder of the photo agency NOOR dives into the archive of a colleague choosing his best images.   From the Washington Posts articles PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS  

portrait of Komal, 12yrs old, Bar
ph. Andrea Francolini

My First School charity dinner

It is that time of the year again where i am starting to raise funds for my charity My First School Pakistan This charity was established in 2011 in order to help improve learning conditions for children attending school in the norther area of Pakistan. Since day 1 I am very proud to say that […]

Tokyo rush by Tatsuo Suzuki

My love for Tokyo is always growing as the years go by. I think I have been there 10 times to this date and will certainly go back again and again. With and without my daughter. So whenever I see a portfolio from a fellow photographer I pay close attention to it. There is always […]

Collaroy Ocean pool (NSW), Sept 2010
Fuji 617 G shot of Neopan 400

While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping is a series I have been shooting in Sydney around ocean pools. Ocean pools only exist in the state of New South Whales and have always been very popular with photographers as long as i can remember. When I arrived in Australia in late 2000 the pool in Bronte was one […]