End of May update

The latest interview that Edwina Bartholomew and I are working on has been published. Be sure to read it on Whimn 60 Minute Tv presenter and new mum Allison Langdon was that last person to pose in front my my lens. More interesting people with interesting stories to come so stay tuned. —– I […]

Back in Australia and already in action

After 24hrs on a plane going to Switzerland I only had time to have a shower and then off to my first meeting. I know people do this often but maybe not while sitting in Economy class… well arriving back home was not any different. Even less time between when I landed and when I […]

Shooting in Milan

A quick dash to Milan, Italy while in Europe to say hi to the family is always a great opportunity for a picture here and there. Being still jet-lagged after 5 days I went for a walk early in the morning. Milan is on of those cities where you have to look for its beauty. […]

4 May 2017
opening day !

Opening night in Geneva

Well the opening night was beyond expectation and it went by too quickly to have enough time to catch up with everyone. The place was packed and you know that when the only way to take a picture of the room with all the guests was to raise your arm above the crowd and randomly […]

IMG_6862 copy

Setting up a photo exhibition in Geneva

The final stages of the preparation for my first international photo exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland are under way and the opening is on May 4th, 2017 33 prints are ready to be hung in the gallery. While on the plane coming over I had all the images printed in small and ready to stick them […]

United Nations in Geneva

United Nations photographic presentation

Just hours after arriving from Sydney, a quick shower and off for my first meeting with the Italian Mission to the UN in Geneva to present my photographic work for My First School Pakistan which i have been shooting since 2011. The goal behind this is to have a photographic exhibition in their offices in […]

tips taking photos on film

Taking Photos On Film

Photography tips for shooting photos on film. This is a question that I get asked some times. These days with digital you can simulate almost anything. There are programs that allow you to make the pixels look like grain on film and you really have to look at a print closely to understand if it […]

portrait photography tips

Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography is a style of photography I have always admired when seeing other people’s works. I do not consider myself to be a portrait photographer as I only like to take portraits when I travel, especially in countries where there is a language barrier. Being mainly a yachting photographer I don’t tell boats what […]

setting up a photography exhibit

Exhibiting Your Photography Work

I am having my first solo photographic exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland opening May 4th. Exciting times as this show is a sort of pop-up lasting only 3 days. In total 33 images will be on display in limited editions of 4 in two different sizes. 60x40cm and 70x100cm. all printed on Hahnemule archival paper. The […]

getting photography work in magazines

Getting Your Photos Featured in Magazines

Having a cover shot on a magazine is always a nice reward. To many it means you ‘own’ the magazine. I have to say it is always flattering to see my image on the cover as it is very often a surprise. Magazine editors don’t always tell you about it until it comes out in […]