United Nations in Geneva

United Nations photographic presentation

Just hours after arriving from Sydney, a quick shower and off for my first meeting with the Italian Mission to the UN in Geneva to present my photographic work for My First School Pakistan which i have been shooting since 2011. The goal behind this is to have a photographic exhibition in their offices in […]

tips taking photos on film

Taking Photos On Film

Photography tips for shooting photos on film. This is a question that I get asked some times. These days with digital you can simulate almost anything. There are programs that allow you to make the pixels look like grain on film and you really have to look at a print closely to understand if it […]

portrait photography tips

Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography is a style of photography I have always admired when seeing other people’s works. I do not consider myself to be a portrait photographer as I only like to take portraits when I travel, especially in countries where there is a language barrier. Being mainly a yachting photographer I don’t tell boats what […]

setting up a photography exhibit

Exhibiting Your Photography Work

I am having my first solo photographic exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland opening May 4th. Exciting times as this show is a sort of pop-up lasting only 3 days. In total 33 images will be on display in limited editions of 4 in two different sizes. 60x40cm and 70x100cm. all printed on Hahnemule archival paper. The […]

getting photography work in magazines

Getting Your Photos Featured in Magazines

Having a cover shot on a magazine is always a nice reward. To many it means you ‘own’ the magazine. I have to say it is always flattering to see my image on the cover as it is very often a surprise. Magazine editors don’t always tell you about it until it comes out in […]

rainy travel photos

Taking Travel Photos In The Rain

Expect the unexpected when taking travel photos when it’s raining.  Typical phrase we have heard many times but all too often it is very true I once remember taking part in a photographic workshop. I chose to shoot Sydney ferries which was something I had never done even though I had lived here for over […]