To date, Andrea has published four photography books showcasing his work and passions.

travel book tokyo

Me, Her and Tokyo

‘Me, her and Tokyo’ is a collection of images all shot on a Samsung Note II while roaming the streets of Tokyo, pushing my daughter in her pram with my wife at my side. The first real family holiday where we all had a say in where to go, what to eat and when to do it. The challenge of holidaying with a not-quite-4-year-old, in a huge city like Tokyo, with its millions of inhabitants, were ever-present and I knew that photography would probably be the last priority. Hence my choice to shoot whatever I saw, using only a phone. Simple, fast and candid. No time to set anything up. Shoot it or lose it. No time to stop and wait for things to happen as my daughter would be sure to remind us that we are too slow and that she was bored. Again. This picture collection is a sort of mental collage of various images which only have ‘Tokyo’ and ‘pushing the pram’ as a common theme. To a city I love and wish I could move to for work to experience the lifestyle, culture and history. To a city I have visited seven times and each visit opens my eyes to new experiences and culinary fantasies. I say thank you.

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