Text message

On December 3rd, 1992 the first text message ‘merry Christmas’ was sent.


This must be the most revolutionary invention every. Ok maybe email is up there too.

But think about it. These days we apparently send more messages than phone calls. SMS, pictures or videos are more popular than phone calls. There are more mobile devices on this planet than people. Australia has more mobile phones than inhabitants.


This means that there are more cameras on phones than people. Does this make everyone a photographer? I dont think so even though many people wish it was true. Said this I have seen many amateur photographer do better than professionals. Said this a professional will deliver more ‘money shots’ than an amateur during a shoot.


Anyway as they say the best camera is the one one you at the time you need it. So mobile phones are now considered cameras and thanks to text messages and other Apps you can share it on any of your social media outlets. Just be careful about copyright issues if someone pinches your shot!

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